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It’s CT time!

(so sorry for the crappy screenshot. I’m late for an appt. Also-is it just me or does the girl in the middle have major slut face?)

This weekend’s festivities:

There will be a boat that leaves *********** every hour on the hour to shuttle. This will run till the last train to the city and then will be adhoc from then. For the NYC crew, please let me know if you intend to go back to the city Friday night or Saturday early AM. If there are enough of you I will get the ***********(​m - most of you have been in it) to take you back. I need to know soon how many people would like this option. I am thinking a 3am departure from Greenwich if that suits everyone. Please email *****************, subject “Limo”, if you would like this.

On Island

On the island we will have as much beer as you can drink but please be sure to bring your favorite cocktail mixes. Hotdogs and Hamburgers will be available as well as some delicatessen treats.

Plenty of games will be available to keep you occupied and music will be playing until people stop moving or the sun comes up. There is plenty of room on the island and swimming is optional but highly suggested. Check it out on Bing:

As long as certain egregions do not break the driver again, there will be a long drive competition.


Rise and shine will be at 730. We depart the island at 830. We have hired someone to help with clean up in the morning so all we ask of our ******** is to police your own area and stage your ass on the dock for shuttle services. The Manor will be in full swing for a lazy day of chilling, drinking, napping, eating and lawn games. Limo service will be provided for ******* going to the Manor.

We look forward to having you all.



I say 9pm but you can also be there at at 8:30pm

Or whenever. Come whenever! I want to see you there!

And yes. I look like a wet rat in this video. Or dog. I’ve had no sleep, and IDGAF. Don’t worry, I’m only more beastly and terrifying in person.



"Things you have to ask yourself like should I wear a dress? The answer to that is: Do you want to get groped by a 35 year old man who thinks your butt is a magnet to the beat of Chris Brown music…"

Yes!! How did you know? I mean, dead on! But, no to the Chris Brown music. That part I do not want. 

Happy birthday wichcraft!!!!!

Happy birthday wichcraft!!!!!

Uh ohhhh. Whoops…

Uh ohhhh. Whoops…